Teeth white as snow

White as Snow 

Why not getting white teeth while slimming down? It is possible to do both at Let it Freeze with virtually no sensitivity. We use Smyle XO which uses only the safest and most effective ingredients to ensure a pain free and unique experience. We use a non-abrasive chemical called carbamide peroxide at 44% concentration. It keeps your tooth structure intact, while also considering possible sensitivity issues.

Teeth Whitening

It works!

95% of people treated achieve some level of teeth whitening immediately after one session!

How does it work?

Our process is a bleaching process that lightens discolored tooth enamel. It opens the pores of your teeth to draw out staining. The active ingredient works to oxidize stains and neutralize them.


Our product is safe and effective for most individuals. More than 10 years research indicates that carbamide peroxide used in teeth whitening is safe and effective. This whitening product shouldn’t be used by women who are pregnant or nursing, children under the age of 14, and anyone who has current dental issues or a recent dental procedure.


100% satisfaction guarantee for each whitening session. 

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