Nutrition Consultation

Specialized Nutrition consultation 

Let it Freeze is working with Dr. Shape in order to help you achieve your weight goals. We offer two modalities of nutrition services:

  • Single Consultation: You will be able to set specific weight loss goals and will get a personalized meal plan based on your needs and tastes.
  • Nutrition Coaching: You will get the same as the single consultation with coaching throughout your quest. With the coaching, you will be able to adjust your diet in order to achieve better results. 

Since our nutrition coaching and consultations are done remotely (via Zoom), we can provide this service from the comfort of your home. 

Greens for Weight loss

The benefits

  • Get a balanced personalized diet based on your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle.
  • Progress monitoring and coaching to keep you on track. 
  • Easy to follow. 
  • Expert support team on your side. 
  • You don't have to leave home.
  • Lose weight the healthy way. 


Our Nutrition team is part of Dr. Shape, a Mexican business that focuses on healthy weight loss. Their team is made up of Physicians and Nutrition Specialists.

Dr. Juan Zhang - Physician/Acupunturist

General physician from University of Monterrey, His internship was at Hermann Memorial City Hospital (Houston, TX). He later studied a master's degree in acupuncture in the University Hospital of Nuevo Leon. Histhesis titled "prevalence and impact of insomnia in the quality of life for patients with primary fibromyalgia and its treatment with acupuncture" was done in conjunction between the department of acupuncture, rheumatology and psychiatry. 

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